Spider Solitaire

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Spider Solitaire History

Spider solitaire is one of the most popular Solitaire game played around the word. It requires best problem solving skills by the player to play and win the game. It has multiple difficulty levels Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Players can play any difficulty as per their level of game expertise.

In this game player puts all cards in descending order from king to ace in same suit. To win the game, player empty the table completely. 

Spider solitaire online became popular due to Microsoft windows version. It was first introduced online by Microsoft in their windows. It is one of the best spider solitaire online game to play free and enjoy. 

Its name spider solitaire is derived from the eight legs of spider. To win this game, player must complete and fill the eight foundations.  


Rules to play spider solitaire online

  • Main objective of the game is to remove all cards from the table.
  • It is played with two decks having 104 cards Game is divided into 10 tableaus.
  • At the start of the game, Four (04) tableaus have Six (06) cards and rest Six (06) tableaus have Five (05) respectively.
  • Out of 104 cards, 50 cards will be placed in stock to help the player if he dont find any move.
  • Cards are always placed with ranking, higher one at the top. Cards which are moved must have the same suits with descending rank of the card.
  • Multiple cards can be moved if they are in ranking order.
  • If a Player completes the cards in ranking order from King to Ace, they all will be placed in empty foundations.
  • Game Columns with no cards will be said to be empty.
  • If a player empty the tableaus, single card or multiple cards can be placed in the empty tableaus.
  • When there is no move left, player can click on the stock to release the cards and each card will be placed on ten tableaus.
  • Once you complete the column, all cards will be automatically removed and you can move to other column
  • Player is recommended to use stock until he don’t have any move left. Unless the player will be short of moves at the end of the game.
  • When the player moves all cards from Tableau and stock, he will win.. 

Game Tips

To win Spider solitaire there are different tips and strategies from Beginners to advanced level. These strategies can be made by players at their respective difficulty levels after playing and experiencing the levels.

Here are a few tips for Spider Solitaire 1 Suit, Spider Solitaire 2 Suit and Spider Solitaire 4 Suit. Applying these tips can be helpful to win the spider solitaire.

From the start of the game focus should be made to empty the one column without using more moves. This can be done by carefully using your moves from the start of the game. When this will be focused from the start of the game, there will be bright chances of winning a game.

Whenever moves are done carefully, there will be clear chances of empty the columns with lesser moves. This can be done by combination of multiple consecutive moves.

Combination of consecutive moves is a winning factor which should be considered during making other moves.

As mentioned, focus should be on making the column empty from the start.But this can also be applied with combination of some good moves as these are only tips not rules.

When there is a clear chance to finish a suit, its recommended to finish to empty the column. As not finishing the suit and playing other moves can become difficult for the player as the game proceeds further.

Sometimes moving a complete ranking of cards to an empty column can be beneficial if you really know your final moves to finish the game with lesser moves. This tip only comes with practice and experience of the player. This can’t be useful for beginners.

Always prefer to move Kings to empty columns as it can not be placed on any other card. This can give more moves and more chance placing the cards in descending order.

Showing hidden cards as soon as possible leads to new possible moves. Notice also that when we must play out of suit, we try to play onto piles that are already out of suit.

It is recommended to move card to a FreeCell temporarily. This can be used to make a move of cards which are restricting the moves.

Whenever you want to beat your best time, it is suggested to start a new game. When you see clearly that game is slowing down, start a New Game rather than playing till the end to make your best time.

Use of UNDO tool can also lead to winning a game when you don’t know what is hidden card and you don’t find a card of your choice. This can be done to save and correct your move to Win the game.


When you press “HINT”, cards will be marked with two different colors that are moveable. Moves include cards that can be moved to same suit and other include cards that can be moved to different suits.

To move card to different cant be only done by clicking on it. You need to drag it or change the option from setting if it don’t work.

Game Scoring

At the start of the game player is provided 500 points. After the start of the game, one point will be subtracted for one move. For clearing the table 100 points is awarded to the player.

Difficulty levels

Spider Solitaire have three (03) difficulty levels Beginners (1 Suit), Intermediate (2 Suit) and Advanced (4 Suit)

1 Suit

1 Suit is the beginner level of spider solitaire. New players are recommended to start with 1 suit as it the easy one and have chances of winning as compared to other suits. Beginners can enjoy playing 1 suite and relax.

1 suit spider solitaire plays with 52 cards two decks. 104 cards all are hearts, which increases the winning chances of beginner players.

2 Suit

2 Suit is the Intermediate level of spider solitaire. Intermediate players are recommended to start with 2 suit as it is the Intermediate difficulty level of Spider solitaire.. 

4 Suit

4 Suit is the Advanced level of spider solitaire. Advanced players are recommended to play 4 suit as it is the Advanced difficulty level of Spider solitaire..