Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

4 Suits Introduction

Spider Solitaire is one of the most popular card games which is played around the world. It can be played on three different difficulty levels i.e beginners, intermediate and advanced. Spider Solitaire 4 suits are designed for those players who want the real challenge. The 4 suit version is played with 52 card decks for playing. Most of the time, making use of all 4 suits will make a real challenge for the player.

Those players who find this version too challenging can easily move to the intermediate level 2 suit or beginner level 1 suit. The goal of the game is to build all the suits in 8 orders from King to Ace down to the tableau. Each suit is automatically adjusted and completed.

The spider solitaire 4 suit is the ultimate adventure in all the spider solitaire suits and it is the most difficult level of spider solitaire game. Spider solitaire can be free download from website. It can also be played online.

4 suits is also a world full of pain as it is the most difficult level of the game. In this version of the game, it is very hard to push to complete the stack of cards without any overlapping to match the suits. The main goal and strategy of the game is to bring out as many possible moves as you can but without getting exasperated.

In spider solitaire, groups of one or more than one cards are moved at a time in tableau. All the cards that are being move from the same suit, from up to down and in descending rank. When you are tried to arrange the suits in complete order, that is from King and run down to the Ace and it is automatically placed in the foundation location for storage.

A column that has no cards are said to be empty or vacant. The rules of the game, allow us to fill the empty and vacant columns with the stock of cards. A suited run in the tableau may be moved from the bottom of one pile or either moved to the vacant space or onto the bottom or most cards in another pile.

The target cards must be in the next high ranking so that they can be moved. When all the cards are move right into the tableau then you must click on the right pile to initiate the next deal. This process is continued by moving the cards into the tableau and initiating the next deals until then there are no possible piles are available in the stock. Right at this point, you can move all the cards around and remove all the cards from the tableau, and in this way, the game is won.


The tips for Spider Solitaire 4 Suits includes

  • The core tip is to stack all the cards in descending order on the tableau.
  • You should always go for the best possible moves for the accomplishment of the goals.
  • If you can practice, you would be more easily complete the goals.
  • The sequence of 4 suits is very precarious, so it should keep in your mind.
  • Don’t ever try to undo your move.
  • Open cards are the resource and help to place the cards and reach the nearest of victory.
  • Split the cards if you have another best possible move.
  • If the king is placed in an empty column, two empty columns are fulfilled.
  • Secondly, you should make sure that carry which you stacked are of the same suit, they shouldn’t be different
  • Last but not the least; stack all the cards in one order only if you really want to conquest the game.
  • Move the orders and it is often possible that you can accomplish more than one objective simultaneously.
  • Choose wisely and try to choose the column which contains fewer numbers of hidden cards so that it can maximize the chances of victory.
  • Sometimes it’s best that not to move the card from a top of an Ace although it’s possible but also keep in mind that no suit can be constructing without an Ace.
  • King can only be move to the vacant column and it has few advantages. But sometimes king can block the access of so many cards and moving is the only hope of winning.
  • Don’t try to invoke the popular undo option.
  • Make sure COLOUR of the stacked cards is same


Rules are as follows:

  • A single card can only be moved to another pile if the card being moved is one less than the card it will be placed on. For example, any 9 can be placed on any 10.
  • Any group or single card you might be able to move can be placed on an empty column.
  • Groups of cards can only be moved if they are all in the same suit and are in perfect descending order.
  • If a card that is face down in a column is open it must be turned over.
  • If you have a complete group of cards in one suit in perfect descending order it can be removed from play.
  • You can deal 10 cards from the cards remaining, one to each column if you cannot make any moves. However, there must be at least one card in each column when you do this.


Strategies for Spider Solitaire 4 Suits includes:

  • Construct sequences of cards by succeeding suits.
  • When you have a chance then try to expose the hidden cards because exposing the hidden cards leads to a new set of possible moves.
  • Always try to make the piles empty so that you can easily move the cards from tableaus.
  • Empty piles are the temporary storage for rearranging the cards in sequences. So you have more chances to turn over the other cards.
  • Construct the higher cards first because starting from higher cards gives the maximum advantage of the game.
  • Try to expose the cards as many as you can and attempt to arrange them in suit order before dealing with other stock of cards
  • When you remove the suit the try to arrange the remaining cards into natural builds.
  • You can expose hidden cards whenever especially when you are having no moves. This can lead to a set of new possible moves. It is a way to get pile empty as ealry as possible.

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